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50 years Scylla

Founded in 1973, Scylla has become one of the leading providers of exclusive river cruises in Europe with its own fleet of 39 ships – our ships are designed, built and equipped in-house. We serve tourism companies and event organizers as an all-round partner for charter and rental of cruise ships: We take over the organization of the trip for you, provide you with the ship including complete on-board crew, take care of the catering and develop attractive on-board and excursion programs. Our floating hotels offer your guests the highest level of comfort. Technology is available for events of all kinds. And hovering over everything is a service culture that has become rare today and simply inspires. All this is expressed in our motto “Quality, our Passion”. With us your customers experience Europe from the most beautiful sides!

50 years of quality

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What we do

Scylla offers your guests tailor-made experiences instead of off-the-peg trips: we customize your chosen river cruise ship and the social program according to your specific ideas and wishes. Decide, for example, on the individual room furnishings, choice of menu or musical entertainment. And you can also freely decide on your dream route within our wide network of moorings.

We organize everything All from one source

This motto is the core of our brand identity. And how do we put this motto into practice? By offering “everything from a single source”. This is exactly what sets Scylla apart from other providers. We see ourselves as a 360-degree partner for charterers and companies.

As an all-round partner, Scylla offers you all services related to river cruising in Europe from a single source. With our 50 years of experience in organizing and running tours, we know exactly what is important, this also through the addition of our own tour operator, VIVA Cruises GmbH.

our DNA

The Scylla character

Our experts constantly keep an eye on everything on board – from the engine room to the galley. Our fleet is constantly growing so that we can approach many more milestones in our company’s history. New routes, new technologies, new designs, new ships. Each with a unique character, united by the Scylla DNA – design , quality and service.

At our core, we are pioneers with a passion for quality. We are innovative and driven by the idea of creating water journeys that transform moments into unforgettable memories. Our DNA is simple yet profound: We create special, timeless experiences on the water. With our commitment to quality and our love of pushing boundaries, we invite you to discover the extraordinary with us. Welcome to a journey where moments become memories.

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We have big goals.

Especially in terms of sustainability.

We want to leave traces. That’s why we not only take care of our guests and crew, but also of the environment. With each new ship, we want to get better. This is especially true with regard to the environment. However, we are not only talking about the drive technology, which now uses a synthetic and much cleaner-burning diesel fuel, but also about the many “little” things on board that are not immediately obvious. For example, the reusable water bottles that can be refilled free of charge on board, which we use to reduce plastic waste. Or LED technology, which has been used in lighting for several years. But also the new water filters and systems with which we ensure that untreated wastewater no longer enters the rivers. We promise our guests an unforgettable time on board – but not at the expense of the environment.

Between turmoil and departure

The foundation

1973: Oil crisis, Watergate affair, military coup in Chile and the Yom Kippur War determine world political events. Nevertheless, this year also sees a number of groundbreaking developments: In America, the first cell phone sees the light of day, Volkswagen introduces a completely new vehicle design with the VW Golf, and the Swedish pop band ABBA begins the soundtrack of the 1970s and makes music history. Finally, on September 3, 1973, it's "Cast off!" for Scylla: With Scylla Tours AG, André and Martha Reitsma found the family business in Basel and thus a true pioneer of the river cruise industry. The MS Scylla, the company's first passenger ship, began her maiden voyage in March of the following year. The rest is history. And one that goes back exactly 50 years, which we would like to celebrate with you on the following pages. Come aboard - and cast off with us!