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The Rhône and Saône

A dream cruise under the Mediterranean sun.

The wonderful colors of the countryside on the banks of the Rhône and Saône rivers, famous wines, the scent of lavender in Provence and the exhilarating Savoir-Vivre in the picturesque villages or fascinating towns whose history often dates back to the ancient Romans.

The Rhône

With a length of 812 km, the Rhône is the most water-rich river in France. It springs in the Swiss Rhône Glacier and flows into the Mediterranean near the French cities of Arles and Marseille. After leaving Lake Geneva, the Rhône flows south along the Jura Mountains until it breaks through the mountains to the west. From Lyon it flows south to the sea. The region between the two estuaries is the Camargue, famous for its white horses, black cattle, flamingos, herons and ibises. The Rhône has been canalized and has twelve locks on the 310 km stretch from Lyon to the sea. All in all, the Rhône is a rather calm, slow-flowing river. Even the ancient Romans appreciated the mild climate and the high quality wines of the Rhône region. They left their mark in the form of astonishing buildings. Cities like Lyon, Tournon, Viviers, Avignon and Arles are just a few highlights along the Rhône.

The Saône

The Saône, called “Aras” by the Celts, springs near Vioménil in the Vosges at an altitude of 396 meters. The quiet river drains in a southwest to south direction and after 480 kilometers flows into the Rhône at La Mulatière, a suburb of Lyon.

Over the centuries, the Saône fulfilled numerous functions – sometimes as a border, sometimes as a transport route. This navigable river enabled trade and industry to develop and flourish along its banks from ancient times until the 19th Century. The Saône valley clearly deserves its reputation as particularly charming. The river is comparatively narrow with a gentle current and surprisingly clear water. Tall poplars on the shore, wide meadows and picturesque ancient villages with cottages made of gray stone and colorfully glazed roof tiles under the Mediterranean sun promise more than just a touch of southern charm. The towns of Chalon-sur-Saône and Mâcon are built on the banks of the Saône.


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