Our jetty in Traben-Trarbach is located at river kilometer 107.300 on the right bank of the Moselle and allows vessels with a length of up to 135 m to dock; also with a maximum occupancy of one vessel at a time (single dockings only).
The pleasant Wine & Art Nouveau City on the Moselle River
The charming wine town Traben-Trarbach consists of two parts – one on each side of the Moselle River – and is embedded in the heavenly landscape of vineyards and the river. The woods and vineyards snuggle up to the double city on the left and right banks of the Mosel as if they were a mighty amphitheater bordered by grape vines.

Since time immemorial, Traben-Trarbach has been characterized by winegrowing and wine trading. From 19th until the 20th century Traben-Trarbach was one of the most important wine trading center in the world after Bordeaux, as evidenced by magnificent Art Nouveau buildings to this day. Around 1900, cosmopolitan wine merchants had an abundance of Art Nouveau and “Belle Epoque” buildings constructed. During a stroll through Traben-Trarbach, architectural monuments from the Art Nouveau period alternate with Baroque and Classicist buildings as well as typical Moselle architecture. Historic landmarks such as the bridge gate and the ruins of Grevenburg Castle as well as the once mighty fortress of Mont Royal characterize the cityscape. Guests can also experience history and culture at the Trarbach Museum Row with the Middle Moselle Museum, the House of Icons, the Bicycle Museum and the town tower with “Glockenspiel”. A special highlight is the largest Buddha Museum in Germany – housed in a historic wine trading building.

During individual wine tastings, vineyard tours and cellar tours in the growing area of the famous Mosel Riesling – for example from the Trabener Würzgarten or Wolfer Klosterberg sites – the guest experiences living winegrowing tradition. A guided tour through the mystical semi-darkness of the Traben- Trarbach Underworld, a network of historic slate and sandstone cellars, invites you to make exciting discoveries about historic viticulture. Wine taverns and winegrowers’ businesses invite you to enjoy a vintner’s snack or Moselle specialties such as marc meat and Gräwes.

Active vacationers discover the vacation region of Traben-Trarbach on diverse hiking and biking trails through vineyards, along the river or through deep forests. By ship or boat you can go on the water as part of a day trip to Cochem or Bernkastel-Kues. A special experience is a sightseeing flight over the Mosel loops from the gliding and motorized airfield from Mont Royal.

Fun & adventure for the whole family can be found in the Mosel Adventure Forest Mont Royal or the Moseltherme with its warm thermal water from the depths of the slate on more than 2,000 wellness square meters. In addition, Traben-Trarbach is home to one of the most internationally renowned Ayurveda hotels.


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