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Charter river cruises and sail to the most attractive destinations in Europe.

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The way to your customized cruise

Step 1
Choose the destination

Start your river cruise ship booking journey by selecting your desired destination. Whether you're planning a relaxing cruise or an exciting adventure, choosing your destination is the first step. Consider factors such as distance, port accessibility and the purpose of your trip. If you already have your route, stop or excursion preferences, feel free to let us know.

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Step 2
Choose the ship

Next, you get to choose the type of ship that suits your needs. If you do not have any preferences, you are welcome to indicate the desired capacity of people. Please note that not every ship is suitable for all destinations due to ship length and width. However, feel free to inform us of your preference.

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Step 3
Select the date

The third step is about the date of the river cruise. When would you like to offer the river cruise to your guests?

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Step 4
Availability and prices

Once you have determined your destination and the type of ship, you can check availability and prices. Contact our sales team via phone or mail.

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Step 5

With the information we receive from you, we will create a customized offer for you, which you will receive from our sales team via mail.

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Step 6
Confirm the offer

If the offer meets your expectations, you may confirm it. Thus, the Inside Sales Department prepares the contract with all the details and sends it to you for signing and definitive booking of the trip.

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Step 7
Organization of the trip

Once the contract is signed, the Inside Sales Department will organize your travel details with you. From that moment we will take over the organization of your trip.

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Discover the freedom of river cruise chartering with our first class “all in one” service. Enjoy customized cruises on the river of your choice while having a luxurious river cruise ship exclusively for your guests.

Costs Cruise ship

You wonder what that costs? Of course, we cannot give you a blanket answer at this point. But one thing firmly assure: With Scylla there is full transparency instead of hidden costs. All items such as obtaining all permits, charter costs, mooring fees, fuel costs, possible Catering or organization of the excursions are included and shown in the contract. About any additional costs or freely selectable additional services such as B rides with additionalm captain or pilot, tourism taxes and significant increase in fuel costs. we inform you openly and honestly. No fine print – you can always count on us to be fair.